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When are we open?

Our online store is open all the time and orders can be placed 24/7, our team can be contacted during our trading hours.

For store opening hours please see details in our contact us page.

What Hours do we deliver & what is the deadline?

Need flowers for the same day, order by 12pm. Business address will get delivered by 5pm & Residential by 6pm. For full delivery options please see our delivery policy 

Why do the prices of flowers vary?

As flowers are fresh produce just like fruit, vegetables and seafood the prices vary due to the season, the time of year and supply and demand. We aim to always stock flowers that are in their best season, reasonably priced and the best quality. If flowers are not in their seasonal they can occasionally be offered out of their season and the price will reflect this. 

Can I order online for pick up?

You definitely can, once you proceed through the check-out you can select pick up in store and we will have it ready for you to collect within a couple of hours. 

What is the delivery cost?

Free delivery areas please see our delivery policy. The delivery fee is calculated during the checkout process and is based on the suburb of delivery, the price is generated from the km distance from our store to the location.

Will my flowers look the same as the product I order?

It is of most important to us to guarantee what you order is what you get. As flowers are seasonal and not all flowers are available all year round. We will substitute for other flowers of the same colour, style or variety and value if something is out of stock or not in season. If we have too much difficulty to fulfil your order, we will contact you to discuss further options.

How do I make my flowers last?

Caring for fresh flowers

  • Fill the vase with room temperate water

  • Add the flower food sachet as provided

  • Remove the protective wrap keeping the flowers tied as arranged

  • Cut approx. 2cm from the bottom of the stems on a sharp angle

  • Remove any excess leaves that will sit in the water.

  • Avoid direct sunlight, heaters and air conditioners and fans.

  • In 3 days’ time re-cut the stems and change the water 

Caring for self-contained arrangements

If your arrangement is in water, follow the above steps

  • check the arrangement daily to ensure the oasis is moist

  • If the oasis is dry add approx. ½ cup of room temperature water

  • If your arrangement is in a box, please ensure you water inside the plastic paper or container as to avoid damaging the box.

  • Avoid direct sunlight, heaters, air conditioners and fans. 

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